The Soul Collector

Not Started

Ghosthunter Bob
Ghosthunter Bob
Requires level 85 or greater
Requires quest not completed within 24 hours (it is a repeatable quest).
Ghosthunter Bob of Ludibrium is complaining that he lost the vacuum that gathers up the spirits in it..

In Progress

Ghosthunter Bob
Ghosthunter Bob
Requires Soul CollectorSoul Collector x1
Requires a Spirit Viking killed
Apparently, once Ghosthunter Bob focuses on eating, he will never realize about anything and everything, including the thefts. This is the reason he had no idea his Soul Collector had been missing. I better help him find it back.

Soul Collector XX/1
Spirit Viking Eliminate XX
Rewards 63000 experience
Rewards 1 fame


I helped Ghosthunter Bob recover the lost Soul Collector.