The Ore of Dark Crystal

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General Maestro
General Maestro
Requires level 31 or greater
I should go visit General Maestro at the Omega Sector..

In Progress

General Maestro
General Maestro
Requires Dull CrystalDull Crystal x20
I met General Maestro, who's in command of a humongous army at the Omega Sector. The general said we'll be able to obtain the powerless, lightless Dull Crystal that have been used up at the Eos Tower from Drum Bunnies. While most would dismiss the item as nothing more than a useless crystal, the general believed it had something important hidden in it, and that he requested me to gather up 20 Dull crystals at the Eos Tower. I'll need to get those crystals from the Drum Bunnies at the tower.

Dull Crystal XX/20
Rewards 3800 experience
Rewards 13000 mesos


Just like the way General Mastro instructed, I went to Eos Tower, took out took out the Drum Bunnies, and gathered up 20 Dull crystals for him. While looking at the crystal, he mentioned that there must be something inside these crystals to turn these previously-adorable Drum Bunnies to something of a menace. I wonder exactly what's inside it.