Eliminating Plateon and Mecateon

Not Started

Green Mesoranger
Green Mesoranger
Requires level 41 or greater
Requires quest Eliminating Plateon completed
I better go see Green Mesoranger, who should be somewhere around Boswell Field.

In Progress

Green Mesoranger
Green Mesoranger
Requires Mecateon's Laser GunMecateon's Laser Gun x150
Requires 200 Plateon killed
I met up with Green Meoranger again at the Boswell Field of Omega Sector. As a last task, Green Mesoranger asked me to eliminate the Plateons again, and collect Mecateon's weapons, which are very high-quality. I need to take out 200 Plateons and collect 150 Mecateon's Laser Guns for him.

Plateon XX
Mecateon's Laser Gun XX/150
Rewards 6100 experience
Rewards Work GlovesWork Gloves if you are a beginner
Rewards Adamantium KnuckleAdamantium Knuckle if you are a warrior
Rewards Blue ArtenBlue Arten if you are a mage
Rewards Gold BraceGold Brace if you are a archer
Rewards Gold CleaveGold Cleave if you are a thief


Just the way the mission stated by Green Mesoranger of Boswell Field, I took out the Plateons and collected Mecateon's laser guns. Green Mesoranger seemed genuinely surprised by the fact that I took care of all the missions, and told me it'd be a pleasure to work with me again. Now, THAT felt good!