Eliminating Plateon

Not Started

Green Mesoranger
Green Mesoranger
Requires level 41 or greater
Requires quest Eliminating Mateon completed
I better go see Green Mesoranger, who should be somewhere around Boswell Field.

In Progress

Green Mesoranger
Green Mesoranger
Requires Plateon's HelmetPlateon's Helmet x100
I met up with Green Meoranger again at the Boswell Field of Omega Sector. This time, Green Mesoranger said that the Plateons, which are far more dangerous than the Mateons, are threatening the Omega Sector and that I'll have to take care of them, while bringing 100 Plateon's Helmets as evidence.

Plateon's Helmet XX/100
Rewards 5600 experience
Rewards Orange JuiceOrange Juice x50


I took out the Plateons and collected 100 Plateon Helmets, just the way Green Mesoranger from Boswell Field asked. The duties of the Mesorangers don't seem to be over, though, so if I have some time to spare, then I maybe I should go check Green Mesoranger then.