Eliminating Mateon

Not Started

Green Mesoranger
Green Mesoranger
Requires level 41 or greater
I better go see Green Mesoranger, who should be somewhere around Boswell Field.

In Progress

Green Mesoranger
Green Mesoranger
Requires 100 Mateon killed
I met Green Mesoranger at Boswell Field around Omega Sector. Green Mesoranger said he heard a lot about me through other Mesorangers, and asked if I wanted to tackle a Mesoranger mission. First I decided to help Green Mesoranger by helping his mission to eliminate 100 Mateons.

Mateon XX
Rewards 5100 experience
Rewards 20000 mesos


I took out 100 Mateons, just the way Green Mesoranger from Boswell Field asked. The duties of the Mesorangers don't seem to be over, though, so if I have some time to spare, then I maybe I should go check Green Mesoranger then.