Fuel for MT-09

Not Started

Requires level 50 or greater
I should go see Kay the engineer at the Omega Sector.

In Progress

Requires MT-09's FuelMT-09's Fuel x5
I met an engineer named Kay at the Omega Sector Silo. She said she'd been looking for an assistant, and asked if I could help her out. For my first task, since she's trying to develop a new machine that recycles MT-09's fuel, she wanted me to collect 5 MT-09's Fuels.

MT-09's Fuel XX/5
Rewards 5800 experience
Rewards ScrewScrew x50


I went around and collected the fuel for MT-09. This was for Kay the Engineer, who was at the Silo of the Omega Sector. I wonder what kind of a machine Kay will make with the fuel...