The Effort to Make-up

Not Started

Yellow Mesoranger
Yellow Mesoranger
Requires level 44 or greater
Requires quest Trading with Alien Gray completed
I better go see Yellow Mesoranger at the Safety Zone.

In Progress

Yellow Mesoranger
Yellow Mesoranger
Requires 120 Ultra Gray killed
I met with Yellow Mesoranger at a field around Omega Sector. She alerted me that she's aware of the fact that I helped out Alien Gray, and that if I am to dispel the notion that I'm on the alien's side, I'll have to make an effort to make-up for my blunders. In order to regain their trust, I'll have to eliminate the aliens.

Ultra Gray XX
Rewards 5700 experience
Rewards Pansy EarringsPansy Earrings


I may have helped out Alien Gray in a moment of chaos, but after successfully completing the mission Yellow Mesoranger gave me, I think I regained some of her trust. It just seems like the aliens do not want to peacefully coexist with us.