Trading with Alien Gray

Not Started

Alien Gray
Alien Gray
Requires level 44 or greater
I better go take a look at Alien Gray, who's somewhere around Kulan Field.

In Progress

Alien Gray
Alien Gray
Requires Secret DocumentSecret Document x3
I ran into Alien Gray at Kulan Field around Omega Sector. He claimed that it's the Omega Sector, not them, that's been the bad one, and it asked me to help it invade the Sector by getting a number of materials from the Omega Sector Silo. I really don't feel good about helping it, but... oh well... I'll need to enter the Omega Sector Silo and bring out 3 Secret Documents.

Secret Document XX/3
Rewards 3400 experience
Rewards Alien SackAlien Sack x3


I got the 3 secret documents out of the Silo and handed them to Alien Gray, which was at Kulan Field of Omega Sector. I was richly rewarded for my effort, but I can't believe I fell for Gray's lies... I better hope the Omega Sector does not find out about the fact that I actually helped out the aliens...