Assembling the Alarm Clock

Not Started

Pink Mesoranger
Pink Mesoranger
Requires level 38 or greater
Requires quest The Alarm Clock completed
I should go see Pink Mesoranger, who should be around Boswell Field.

In Progress

Pink Mesoranger
Pink Mesoranger
Requires Special BatterySpecial Battery x2
Requires Table ClockTable Clock x10
Requires CogCog x10
I met Pink Mesoranger again at a field around Omega Sector. I was expecting her to tell me that she's been waking up on time, only to find out that all of her clocks have been destroyed. She said she needed a special alarm clock, and to make it will require 2 Special Batteries, 10 Cogs, and 10 Table Clocks. To obtain the special batteries, I'll have to defeat Master Robo at the Ludibrium Clocktower.

Special Battery XX/2
Table Clock XX/10
Cog XX/10
Rewards 5500 experience
Rewards Fat SausageFat Sausage x50


To make a special alarm clock for Pink Mesoranger, stationed at a field around Omega Sector, I gathered up a bunch of Special Batteries, Cogs, and Table Clocks as materials. I sure hope this clock does not break on her.