Eliminating Grays

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Black Mesoranger
Black Mesoranger
Requires level 37 or greater
I better go see Black Mesoranger, who should be somewhere around Kulan Field.

In Progress

Black Mesoranger
Black Mesoranger
Requires 30 Barnard Gray killed
At a field around Omega Sector, I met this strangely-dressed man who called himself Black Mesoranger. He requested that I eliminate the alien that's been taking over Kulan Field, the Barnard Gray, 30 of them to be exact.

Barnard Gray XX
Rewards 5400 experience
Rewards Mana Elixir PillMana Elixir Pill x100


I successfully completed the mission from Black Mesoranger by defeating the Barnard Grays. It seems, however, that there will be much more dangerous aliens monsters around Kulan Field