Chief Gray's Sign

Not Started

Requires level 47 or greater
Requires quest Dr. Kim's Comments : A Meeting with Gunny completed
I should go see Gunny of Omega Sector.

In Progress

Requires Chief Gray's SignChief Gray's Sign x5
I met up with Gunny again at a field around Omega Sector. Lately Gunny has been on a mission to trace Chief Gray's every move, but due to the fact that he gets lost easily, he had been having trouble locating it. I'll need to defeat Chief Gray's for Gunny and collect 5 signs that they wear with them, so I can give them to Gunny.

Chief Gray's Sign XX/5
Rewards 5200 experience
Rewards Fat SausageFat Sausage x100


I collected Chief Gray's signs and gave them to Gunny, who's at a field around Omega Sector. With this sign, Gunny may be able to have an easier time tracing Chief Gray.