Eliminating Aliens

Not Started

Dr. Kim
Dr. Kim
Requires level 40 or greater
Requires quest Retrieving the Robotic Parts completed
I should go see Dr. Kim at the Command Center in the Omega Sector.

In Progress

Dr. Kim
Dr. Kim
Requires 5 MT-09 killed
Dr. Kim of the Command Center notified me that a powerful new Alien has appeared somewhere around the Boswell Field, and wanted me to eliminate it for them. He said he had to ask me for help since the new robot isn't ready just yet... I need to head over to the hidden place at the Boswell Field and defeat at least 5 MT-09's.

MT-09 XX
Rewards 6000 experience
Rewards Blue MoonBlue Moon


I managed to eliminate all 5 MT-09's that Dr. Kim of the Command Center requested. I really hope that the new robot is made soon, so I don't have to ever do this again.