Spider's Out at Eos Tower

Not Started

Tigun the Advisor
Tigun the Advisor
Requires level 28 or greater
Requires date after 03/01/2008, 0:00
The King's Tigun the Advisor is in need of help. What must it be? I better head over to Ludibrium : Eos Tower Entrance.

In Progress

Tigun the Advisor
Tigun the Advisor
Requires 20 Trixter killed
Requires 20 Green Trixter killed
Tigun the Advisor received an order to deliver the king's royal letter to Omega Sector : Omega Sector. The problem is, he's hesitant to go, because to go to Omega Sector : Omega Sector, he'll have to go through Eos Tower, and is afraid of descending down the Tower because of the spiders. Oh well, I'll have to kill off 20 Trixters 20 Green Trixters for Tigun the Advisor.

Trixter XX
Green Trixter XX
Rewards 5600 experience
Rewards Dark Crystal OreDark Crystal Ore x3


I was able to eliminate Trixter and Green Trixter. I'm sure now Tigun the Advisor can do his job. I thought Tigun the Advisor was unafraid of anything else in life besides the King. Spiders? That was unexpected...