Cleaning Up Helios Tower

Not Started

Requires level 35 or greater
Helios Tower opened recently for public, and apparently Marcel has been going through some trouble thanks to the growing number of Retzs at the tower.

In Progress

Requires 20 Retz killed
Marcel, the security guard of Ludibrium, approached me and asked for a favor. He was concerned about the growing number of Retz at the Helios Tower, which has recently opened for travelers. According to him, the Retzs have been blocking the travelers' path, as well as destroying the elevators in the tower, and he wanted me to eliminate some Retzs for him.

Retz XX
Rewards 6000 experience
Rewards Mana Elixir PillMana Elixir Pill x100


With a request from Marcel, the security guard of Ludibrium, I went into Helios Tower and eliminated 20 Retzs, the striped rats that have been destroying the elevators at the tower.