Mac the Mechanic's Maintenance Manual

Not Started

Mac the Mechanic
Mac the Mechanic
Requires level 40 or greater
I'll need to have a word with Mac the Mechanic.

In Progress

Mac the Mechanic
Mac the Mechanic
Requires Maintenance ManualMaintenance Manual x1
I met up with Mac the Mechanic at the Toy Factory in Ludibrium. Mac was panicking because of the fact that all the blueprints and Maintenance Manual of the factory were stolen by Toy Trojan. If I destroy the boxes around the Toy Factory, I may find a hidden path that'll lead me to a clue.
Rewards 6200 experience
Rewards Toy Trojan SackToy Trojan Sack x5


I found the documents Mac the Mechanic lost, and he seemed very much relieved by it. Something's strange, though. Why would the toy soldiers feel the need to steal this in the first place...?