Rocky's Parts

Not Started

Rocky the Repairman
Rocky the Repairman
Requires level 34 or greater
I better go talk to Rocky the Repairman

In Progress

Rocky the Repairman
Rocky the Repairman
Requires ScrewScrew x30
Requires CogCog x50
I met up with Rocky the Repairman at the Toy Factory in Ludibrium Clocktower. Rocky seemed to be swamped with work due to a sudden increase in monsters destroying parts here and there. He was worried about running out of essential parts, so he asked me if I could gather up 50 cogs and 30 screws. .

Screw XX/30
Cog XX/50
Rewards 2950 experience
Rewards Speed PillSpeed Pill x30


At the Toy Factory in Ludibrium, I gave Rocky the cogs and screws needed for him to fix anything that is broken. Hopefully that was enough to undo the damages done by those pesky monsters.