Assembling a Toy

Not Started

Hans the Assembler
Hans the Assembler
Requires level 36 or greater
I should go see Hans the Assembler at Toy Factory.

In Progress

Hans the Assembler
Hans the Assembler
Requires Cheap BatteryCheap Battery x20
Requires Mechanical HeartMechanical Heart x20
Requires CogCog x30
I ran into Hans, the toy assembler at the Toy Factory in Ludibrium. He made a proposal where if I get him some parts for a toy, then he'll assemble it and make something fun out of it. This is sweet! The things I'll need are 20 cheap batteries from the Robo, 20 metal hearts of Master Robo, and 30 cogs of Chronos.

Cheap Battery XX/20
Mechanical Heart XX/20
Cog XX/30
Rewards 5850 experience
Rewards Toy Robot SackToy Robot Sack x3


At the toy factory in Ludibrium, I gave Hans the parts needed to assemble a toy. Hans put together the parts and made a very unique sack out of it. He said he put some toys inside, but... I don't know, something may pop up that'll scare the daylight out of me. I better be careful with it...