The Clocktower Headache

Not Started

Grandpa Clock
Grandpa Clock
Requires level 34 or greater
Requires quest Delivering the Pendulum completed
I should check on Grandpa Clock, who is working hard at the Lost Time.

In Progress

Grandpa Clock
Grandpa Clock
Requires 100 Tick killed
Deep in the Lost Time of Ludibrium, I met up with Grandpa Clock. He seemed to be annoyed by the fact that the tiny Ticks have been going inside the clocktower and destroy parts of it, making his job much harder than it should have been. For the sake of Grandpa Clock, I'll need to take out 100 Ticks.

Tick XX
Rewards 4200 experience
Rewards Blue PillBlue Pill x120


I took care of the request Grandpa Clock made, by taking out the Ticks. The Ticks were another one of the reasons the clocktower seemed to have something wrong at all times, so this should give Grandpa Clock a good night's sleep.