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Delv the Toy Soldier
Delv the Toy Soldier
Requires level 25 or greater
Requires quest Toy Soldier's Walnut completed
I should go see Olson the Toy Soldier, who's at Eos Tower

In Progress

I ran into Olson the Toy Soldier at the 100th floor on Eos Tower, doing his job as the security guard next to Delv. Olson told me a story of a monster sneaking in through the cracks of time and stealing a pendulum from the clocktower, culminating with the monster disguising itself as a dollhouse somewhere inside. I need to locate the one that's different from the sea of dollhouses in here.


Inside the secret room of Eos Tower, I located the monster disguised as a dollhouse, destroyed it, recovered the pendulum, and gave it to Mark the Toy Soldier. This should get the Ludibrium Clocktower to start working again.