Fixing Eos Tower

Not Started

Roly-Poly 10
Roly-Poly 10
Requires level 40 or greater
Requires quest Roly-Poly 10 completed
I should go check out Roly-Poly 10 at Eos Tower.

In Progress

Roly-Poly 10
Roly-Poly 10
Requires Yellow Toy BlockYellow Toy Block x30
Requires Blue Toy BlockBlue Toy Block x15
I met up with Roly-Poly 10 again at Eos Tower. He asked if I could get him 30 Yellow Toy Blocks and 15 Blue Toy Blocks to fix the tower. I think I can get those by taking out the Block Golems...

Yellow Toy Block XX/30
Blue Toy Block XX/15
Rewards 5300 experience
Rewards Green NapoleonGreen Napoleon (20%) OR Blue NapoleonBlue Napoleon (20%) OR Red NapoleonRed Napoleon (20%) OR White NapoleonWhite Napoleon (20%) OR Black NapoleonBlack Napoleon (20%)


I gave Roly-Poly 10 the yellow blocks and blue blocks needed to fix this place up. A toy block used to fix a castle...where else can this happen but here in Ludibrium?