Helping Fix Eos Tower

Not Started

Roly-Poly 8
Roly-Poly 8
Requires level 35 or greater
Requires quest Roly-Poly 10 completed
I should go check out Roly-Poly 8 at Eos Tower

In Progress

Roly-Poly 8
Roly-Poly 8
Requires Plastic CrownPlastic Crown x25
Requires 30 King Bloctopus killed
I met up with Roly-Poly 8 again at Eos Tower. He seemed worried that there's a lot of places to fix at Eos Tower, only to have the monsters stop him from doing so. He asked if I could take out 30 King Bloctopuses and collect 25 Plastic Crowns in the process. I can do this...

King Bloctopus XX
Plastic Crown XX/25
Rewards 4200 experience
Rewards Work GlovesWork Gloves if you are a beginner
Rewards Yellow BriggonYellow Briggon if you are a warrior
Rewards Blue NoelBlue Noel if you are a mage
Rewards Mithril ScalerMithril Scaler if you are a archer
Rewards Orihalcon ArbionOrihalcon Arbion if you are a thief


I took out a bunch of King Bloctopuss and collected XXs just the way the Roly-Poly 8 of Eos Tower asked. How long is this maintenance job going to last anyway? This should get done soon so I don't have to do them any more favors.