Roly-Poly 6's Tool

Not Started

Roly-Poly 6
Roly-Poly 6
Requires quest Roly-Poly 10 completed
I should go check out Roly-Poly 6 at Eos Tower

In Progress

Roly-Poly 6
Roly-Poly 6
Requires ScrewdriverScrewdriver x1
I met up with Roly-Poly 6 at Eos Tower. He wanted me to find a tool that he lost right where a ton of monsters are. I have a feeling Bloctopus might have taken it...
Rewards 1600 experience
Rewards Different SackDifferent Sack x3


I found the lost tool for Roly-Poly 6. I'm hoping this will allow him to fix things at Eos Tower now.