Eliminating the Drumming Bunny

Not Started

Roly-Poly 5
Roly-Poly 5
Requires level 31 or greater
Requires quest The Drumming Bunny completed
I should go see Roly-Poly Worker 5 at Eos Tower

In Progress

Roly-Poly 5
Roly-Poly 5
Requires Toy DrumToy Drum x1000
I met up with Roly-Poly Worker 5 again at Eos Tower. He thanked me for helping him out last time, and mentioned that I should have heard it from General Maester, but we'll have to take away the force of darkness and put it back to the way it used to be. He requested that I eliminate the Drumming Bunnies at the 60th floor of Eos Tower and collect 1000 Toy Drums for him.

Toy Drum XX/1000
Rewards 4500 experience
Rewards Sky Blue Starry BandanaSky Blue Starry Bandana if you are a beginner
Rewards Green Pole-Feather HatGreen Pole-Feather Hat if you are a archer
Rewards Brown MattyBrown Matty if you are a mage
Rewards Great Blue HelmetGreat Blue Helmet if you are a warrior
Rewards Green BurglerGreen Burgler if you are a thief


Just the way the Roly-Poly Worker 5 asked, I took out the drumming bunnies and collected the toy drums. I think this really took out the wild bunnies as well as taking away the force of darkness. Here's hoping that those bunnies turn back to the old, adorable bunnies they used to be.