The Drumming Bunny

Not Started

Roly-Poly 5
Roly-Poly 5
Requires level 31 or greater
Requires quest Roly-Poly 10 completed
I should go see Roly-Poly Worker 5 at Eos Tower

In Progress

Roly-Poly 5
Roly-Poly 5
Requires Toy DrumToy Drum x100
I met up with Roly-Poly Worker 5 again at Eos Tower. He was complaining about the Drumming Bunnies that seem to be bothering him at the 60th floor, and requested that I collect 100 Toy Drums for him. If I get this for him, then there may be more work in store...

Toy Drum XX/100
Rewards 3000 experience
Rewards 12000 mesos


Just the way the Roly-Poly Worker 5 asked, I took out the drumming bunnies and collected the toy drums. He said his work got easier when I'm around, and he wants me to help him out on some other stuff. Maybe I should chill here and help these guys out for a change.