Nemi's Dilemma

Not Started

Requires level 28 or greater
Requires quest Nemi's Second Ingredient completed
I should go see Nemi, who's in Ludibrium...

In Progress

Requires Rat TrapRat Trap x45
I met up with Nemi again at a small house in Ludibrium. Lately she had been experiencing some weird things where the food had been disappearing right after being made, and was suspecting that the rats might have done it. That's why there's a toy mouse called Ratz, which is a toy mouse with rat traps, but instead of catching rats, they became alive as monsters. At Nemi's request, I'll have to take out Ratz and collect 45 Rat traps, and give them back to her.

Rat Trap XX/45
Rewards 2150 experience
Rewards Yellow Starry BandanaYellow Starry Bandana if you are a beginner
Rewards Jousting HelmetJousting Helmet if you are a warrior
Rewards Green JesterGreen Jester if you are a mage
Rewards Green HawkeyeGreen Hawkeye if you are a archer
Rewards Brown GuiseBrown Guise if you are a thief


I collected all the rat traps that Nemi needed in Ludibrium. I can't believe the amount of rat traps she made, judging from the fact that every single Ratz in Eos Tower is her creation.