Nemi's First Ingredient

Not Started

Requires level 28 or greater
Requires quest Nemi's Lunchbox Delivery completed
I should go see Nemi, who's in Ludibrium...

In Progress

Requires Savory CheeseSavory Cheese x10
I met up with Nemi again at a small house in Ludibrium. She was preparing dinner for her dad, who should be home from work soon, and she wanted to make him a nice bowl of soup. She asked me if I could get her 10 slices of Savory Cheese by taking out the Ratz in Eos Tower.

Savory Cheese XX/10
Rewards 1150 experience
Rewards HamburgerHamburger x100


I got Nemi the 10 slices of Savory Cheese that she wanted. I wonder what kind of soup she's making for her dad...