The Lost Guard

Not Started

Lost Soldier
Lost Soldier
Requires level 30 or greater
Requires quest not completed within 24 hours (it is a repeatable quest).
A lost guard is found somewhere around Eos Tower...

In Progress

Lost Soldier
Lost Soldier
Requires PropellerPropeller x30
Requires Worn-Out GoggleWorn-Out Goggle x30
I found the lost guard at the 93rd floor of Eos Tower. He needs to get to 59th floor to go back to work, but is too scared to go with the monsters around, and wants me to gather up 30 worn-out goggles and 30 propellers.

Propeller XX/30
Worn-Out Goggle XX/30
Rewards Eos Rock ScrollEos Rock Scroll x20


I ran back to the lost guard at the 93rd floor of Eos Tower and gave him the proof of eliminating the monsters in the vicinity of where we were. In return, I was able to get the Scroll of Eos Rock, which activates the Eos Rock located in a number of places at the Tower. By activating the rock, it'll enable us to teleport to the next Eos Rock. And since he needs to get down to 59th floor, I'm sure there's more mess to come...