The legend of Papa Pixie

Not Started

Requires level 51 to 70
Requires date after 03/01/2008, 0:00
Requires quest Spiruna's concern completed
Spiruna examined the Pixie's sculptures and asked us to look for him again.

In Progress

Requires 1 Papa Pixie killed
Spiruna said that the reason why Pixies have become ferocious is that the Pixie king, Papa Pixie, has emerged again. It seems that the Goddess who suddenly appeared is related to the tower. Because the future of Orbis is endangered, let's look for Papa Pixie at the tower of Goddess and drive him away.

Papa Pixie
Rewards 20000 experience
Rewards (randomly):


At the tower of the Goddess, Pa pa Pixie was successfully driven away. Spiruna thanked us for saving Orbis' future as the Pixies became gentle again. However, as everyone was elated and preparing to go out, it seems like the real reason to be happy is something else.