Muse is Cooking

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Requires quest Nanuke's Ingredients completed
Is Muse done cooking?
Rewards Muse's DishMuse's Dish x1

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Requires Muse's DishMuse's Dish x1
Muse made what seemed like a very tasty dish from the ingredients I got for her. I couldn't see the dish because it was inside a box, but judging from the tasty aroma that filled the room, I knew this was indeed a winner. Muse warned me that this was best eaten when hot, and wanted me to get this to Nanuke before it turned cold. Basically, I have 1 hour to deliver this to Nanuke. Can I do this?
Rewards 200 experience
Rewards Scroll for Gloves for ATTScroll for Gloves for ATT x1


I delivered the food that Muse made to Nanuke on time. I had to really run to make it here in 1 hour. Phew, at least seeing Nanuke chow down on the dish made it all worthwhile.