Kenta's Research 3

Not Started

Requires level 30 or greater
Requires quest Kenta's Research 2 completed
Has Kenta, the animal instructor at Aquarium Zoo, been getting the results he wanted? I better go find out...

In Progress

Requires Sparker's DNA SampleSparker's DNA Sample x1
Requires Freezer's DNA SampleFreezer's DNA Sample x1
Requires Pooper's DNA SamplePooper's DNA Sample x1
I met up with Kenta, the animal instructor at Aquarium Zoo, again. This time, he mentioned that the fishes near Aquarium have generally transformed more than others, and that he wanted to find out the conditions of the living organisms at the east coast and west coast. He wanted me to gather up another set of DNA samples for him.

Pooper's DNA Sample XX / 1
Sparker's DNA Sample XX / 1
Freezer's DNA Sample XX / 1
Rewards 6500 experience
Rewards Dolphin Taxi CouponDolphin Taxi Coupon x10


I helped Kenta, the animal instructor at Aquarium Zoo, out again. So the animals in Aqua Road have been slowly changing in a negative way without anyone noticing... why is that happening? Can Kenta find out?