Kenta's Research 1

Not Started

Requires level 30 or greater
Kenta, the animal instructor at the Aquarium Zoo, has a quandary. I should go talk to him and see what's up.

In Progress

Requires Cicle's DNA SampleCicle's DNA Sample x1
Requires Cico's DNA SampleCico's DNA Sample x1
Requires Pin Boom's DNA SamplePin Boom's DNA Sample x1
Kenta, a veteran animal instructor at the Aquarium Zoo, seemed to be concerned over the fact that the animals at Aqua Road have been acting strangely since the storm that occurred not too long ago. I couldn't see the difference myself, but I'm sure the expert sees it differently.
Kenta wanted to investigate this phenomenon, and asked me to gather up the DNA samples of the animals at Aqua Road.
Rewards 500 experience
Rewards Magic PotionMagic Potion x30 if you are a mage
Rewards Sniper PotionSniper Potion x30 if you are a archer
Rewards Dexterity PotionDexterity Potion x30 if you are a thief
Rewards Speed PotionSpeed Potion x30 if you are a beginner
Rewards Warrior PotionWarrior Potion x30 if you are a warrior


I gave Kenta, the animal trainer at Aquarium, the DNA samples of some of the animals at Aquarium. If it's indeed true that some animals have started to act differently since the storm, then how is he going to prove it through research? I'm anxious to find out...