Preparing For the Revival

The Secrets Behind the Contract of Darkness

Not Started

Requires quest Shammos's Request completed
I met up with Manji, who knows something about the The Contract of Darkness.

In Progress

Requires The Contract of DarknessThe Contract of Darkness x1
Manji told me some things about the The Contract of Darkness. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. The Contract of Darkness can bring the dead's back to life, and the source of its energy is apparently The Contract of Darkness. That's why the zombies have been wandering around as if they are alive. The unfathomable force of The Contract of Darkness ... I need to find it and take them to Shammos.

The Contract of Darkness XX/1
Takes 2 fame
Rewards (randomly):


I gathered up the The Contract of Darkness and gave them back to Shammos.