Hughes's Research Material

Not Started

Hughes the Fuse
Hughes the Fuse
Requires level 35 or greater
Requires quest not completed within 24 hours (it is a repeatable quest).
Requires quest Hughes's Weird Invention completed
Requires Oxygen TankOxygen Tank
I heard Hughes ran out of materials to conduct research ... I should go check him out.

In Progress

Hughes the Fuse
Hughes the Fuse
Requires Seal ToothSeal Tooth x20
Requires Seal SkinSeal Skin x20
The mad scientist living at the basement of Orbis, Hughes, wanted me to gather up some materials for his new research.

Seal Skin XX / 20
Seal Tooth XX / 20
Rewards 15000 experience
Rewards Mana ElixirMana Elixir x10


I got him Seal Skin and Seal Tooth for his research.