Hughes's Hobby

Not Started

Hughes the Fuse
Hughes the Fuse
Requires level 35 or greater
I should go visit Hughes the Fuse, the weird scientist living at the basement of Orbis Tower.

In Progress

Hughes the Fuse
Hughes the Fuse
Requires Toy Baby SealToy Baby Seal x10
Requires 50 Scuba Pepe killed
At a small dinky room in the basement of the Orbis Tower, which also happened to have flooded, I met up with Hughes the Fuse. I accidentally broke Hughes the Fuse's favorite toy baby seal. He proceeded to really get angry and demanded that I take out 50 Scuba Pepe's and 10 Toy Baby Seals.

Toy Baby Seal XX/10
Scuba Pepe XX
Rewards 9000 experience
Rewards Air BubbleAir Bubble x30


I accidentally broke Hughes's Toy Baby Seal, so I got him some Toy Baby Seal as well as kill off some Scuba Pepe's. Fortunatelly, Hughes seems to be okay by now.