Food-Hunting for Moppie III

Not Started

Requires level 30 or greater
Requires quest Food-Hunting for Moppie II completed
Moppie's master, Huckle, wants to ask me for another what?

In Progress

Requires Jr. Pepe's FishJr. Pepe's Fish x300
Huckle has little to no time outside his studies, and wanted me to get Moppie some fish again, and this time, he wants me to gather up 300 of them!

Jr. Pepe's Fish XX/300
Rewards 6000 experience
Rewards 1 fame
Rewards Scroll for Shoes for SpeedScroll for Shoes for Speed x1
Rewards Pet FoodPet Food x30
Rewards Orbis Rock ScrollOrbis Rock Scroll x4
Rewards White PotionWhite Potion x20


I gathered up 300 of Jr. Pepe's Fishes and got them to Moppie as a favor from Huckle, but...