Fairy's Horn Flute

Not Started

Requires level 30 or greater
Requires quest Moppie the Lone Dawg completed
According to Lisa, there is a way to communicate with Moppie the dog, as long as the horn flute is there. They are usually featured by the fairies.

In Progress

Requires Solid HornSolid Horn x100
Requires Stiff FeatherStiff Feather x20
Requires LeatherLeather x10
With the fairies' horn flute, I can talk to Moppie with ease...and Lisa promised to make one for me, as long as I gather up the necessary materials for it.

Solid Horn XX/100
Stiff Feather XX/20
Leather XX/10
Rewards 6000 experience
Rewards Horn FluteHorn Flute x1
Rewards Blue MoonBlue Moon
Rewards All Cure PotionAll Cure Potion x10


The horn flute for the fairies is finally made. Wow, this thing feels weird...