Beginner Thief's Last Training Session

Not Started

Dark Lord
Dark Lord
Requires level 13 to 18
Requires class or or or or or or
Requires quest Beginner Thief's Third Training Session completed
I look like a Thief. For me, Dark Lord wants to help me out with a final training session...

In Progress

Dark Lord
Dark Lord
Requires 10 Octopus killed
Dark Lord wants to test me and asked to hunt 10 Octopus. He told me Octopus is the strongest monster in Victoria Road : Kerning City and to be alert.

Octopus XX
Rewards 840 experience
Rewards White PotionWhite Potion x50
Rewards Blue PotionBlue Potion x50
Rewards Return Scroll - Nearest TownReturn Scroll - Nearest Town x10


I hunted down 10 Octopus. It was not easy but I was successful. Now finally, Dark Lord won't call me a novice!