Beginner Thief's Third Training Session

Not Started

Dark Lord
Dark Lord
Requires level 12 to 17
Requires class or or or or or or
Requires quest Beginner Thief's Second Training Session completed
I'm getting used to being a Thief but still need to be trained. Dark Lord wants to help me...

In Progress

Dark Lord
Dark Lord
Requires 80 Stump killed
Dark Lord said a Thief needs concentration and calmness. For further training, he asked me to get 80 Stump. 80 Stump...that's pretty many.

Stump XX
Rewards 645 experience
Rewards White PotionWhite Potion x30
Rewards Blue PotionBlue Potion x50


80 Stump 80 were eliminated. It was tough. I need to be trained more...perhaps I should find a training partner.