Beginner Thief's Second Training Session

Not Started

Dark Lord
Dark Lord
Requires level 11 to 16
Requires class or or or or or or
Requires quest Beginner Thief's First Training Session completed
I became stronger but have a long way to go. Let's go to Dark Lord again for training.

In Progress

Dark Lord
Dark Lord
Requires 50 Stump killed
Dark Lord told me keep hunting monsters as I lack basic training. He told me to eliminate 50 Stump...

Stump XX
Rewards 610 experience
Rewards Orange PotionOrange Potion x30
Rewards Blue PotionBlue Potion x30


I've eliminated 50 Stump and reported to Dark Lord. 50 of them....I'm great, I thought. Then, Dark Lord warned me that I should not let my head swell too big...