Beginner Bowman's First Training Session

Not Started

Athena Pierce
Athena Pierce
Requires level 10 to 15
Requires class or or or or or or
I became a Bowman! I don't know what to do now. My former Bowman trainer Athena Pierce will help me.

In Progress

Athena Pierce
Athena Pierce
Requires 16 Slime killed
Athena Pierce suggests to hunt monster as a basic training. He told me to beat 16 Slime. Slime can be easily found near town Victoria Road : Henesys he told me.

Slime XX
Rewards 590 experience
Rewards Red PotionRed Potion x30
Rewards Blue PotionBlue Potion x30


I eliminated 16 Slime and reported to Athena Pierce. Simple, eh?