I Need Help on My Homework!

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Wing the Fairy
Wing the Fairy
Requires level 10 or greater
Whenever I walk past Wing the Fairy of Ellinia, he seems to be asking for help. I wonder what it is...

In Progress

Wing the Fairy
Wing the Fairy
Requires Slime BubbleSlime Bubble x10
Requires Tree BranchTree Branch x30
Requires Squishy LiquidSquishy Liquid x30
Wing the Fairy of Ellinia seems to have a general disdain for humans. Definitely not the kind of attitude I expect from someone in need of help. He asked me if I can get him 30 tree branches, 30 squishy liquids, and 10 slime bubbles. He needs them so he can make a potion for his homework.

Tree Branch XX/30
Squishy Liquid XX/30
Slime Bubble XX/10
Rewards 250 experience
Rewards Blue PotionBlue Potion x25


I helped Wing the Fairy of Ellinia with his homework. I have no idea how that potion works, though.