The Reason Behind the Mushroom Studies

Not Started

Requires level 10 or greater
I should go see Bruce in Henesys...

In Progress

Requires Orange Mushroom CapOrange Mushroom Cap x40
Requires Mushroom SporeMushroom Spore x10
I got to meet Bruce, who has been studying the monsters and animals in general in Henesys. His bright smile and the easy-going demeanor belies the painful fact that his daughter has been missing for some time, and that he's been studying the mushroom monsters for the sake of finding a clue on his daughter's whereabouts. He asks me if I can help him out, and I just can't say no to a worthy cause like this...

Mushroom Spore XX/10
Orange Mushroom Cap XX/40
Rewards 300 experience
Rewards Red PotionRed Potion x25


I helped Bruce gather up the materials necessary for his studies. Will these help him find his daughter?