Icarus and the Balloon

Not Started

Requires level 37 or greater
Requires quest Icarus's Hang Glider completed
I wonder how Icarus's doing with the glider...maybe I should go check up on him at Kerning City.

In Progress

Requires Alligator Skin PouchAlligator Skin Pouch x10
Requires TableclothTablecloth x100
Icarus had failed to create a working Hang Glider, and is now attempting to create a flying balloon on his never-ending quest for flight. This looks just as preposterous as his last attempt, but I don't think I can stop him. To make the flying balloon, he needs 100 Tablecloths and 10 Alligator Skin Pouchs. Hope this works...

Tablecloth XX/100
Alligator Skin Pouch XX/10
Rewards 11000 experience


I got the materials needed for Icarus to make the flying balloon and realize his dream of flying. I don't know if his "flying balloon" will indeed fly, but there's a chance that it may indeed work. I'll check up on him around the time when the flying balloon should be ready to take flight and see if he's for real this time.