Icarus's Hang Glider

Not Started

Requires level 32 or greater
Requires quest I'm Bored 2 completed
Apparently there's someone at Kerning City by the name of Icarus that stands on top of a building just staring at the sky 24/7.

In Progress

Requires Processed WoodProcessed Wood x10
Requires Stirge WingStirge Wing x50
Requires Stiff FeatherStiff Feather x50
I got to meet Icarus on top of a building at Kerning City. He seems like a nice guy who has an unquenchable thirst for flying, and he wants to create a Hang Glider to fulfill his dream of flying. He asks me if I can gather up the materials for the Hang Glider, and even though the process of making the Hang Glider seems dubious at best, I can't say no to his sincere desire to fly. I'll need to get him 50 Stirge Wings, 10 Processed Woods, and 50 Stiff Feathers.

Stirge Wing XX/50
Processed Wood XX/10
Stiff Feather XX/50
Rewards 6000 experience


I got the materials needed for Icarus to make the Hang Glider and realize his dream of flying. I just wonder if Stirge's wings are enough to make the Hang Glider. I don't know if this will really work, though, so I'll check up on him around the time when the Hang Glider should be ready to take flight.