The Path of Warrior

Not Started

Requires class
Requires quest The Path of Thief not started
Requires quest The Path of Magician not started
Requires quest The Path of Bowman not started
Requires quest A Lesson on Job Advancement completed
What do I have to do to make the job advancement as a warrior? I'll have to go see Olaf of Lith Harbor.

In Progress

Dances with Balrog
Dances with Balrog
Olaf of Lith Harbor tells me I can choose to become a warrior if I'm at least on level 10. He tells me I'll need to see Dances with Balrog of Perion ... but how do I get there? I'll have to check on the world map. (W)
Rewards 300 experience


I have learned what it takes to become a true warrior through Dances with Balrog. Hope this is the right path I'm taking...