Camila's Gem

Not Started

Requires level 23 or greater
I heard that Camila in Henesys is worrying about something...
Rewards Sparkling Glass MarbleSparkling Glass Marble x1

In Progress

Requires Sparkling Glass MarbleSparkling Glass Marble x1
I met Camila in Henesys. Camila asked me to deliver Sparkling Glass Marble to Utah for her, because she is afraid. I heard I could get to Hidden Street : Utah's Pig Farm through Victoria Road : The Forest East of Henesys...
Rewards 1700 experience
Rewards Pig IllustratedPig Illustrated (30%) OR CakeCake x30 (70%)


I delivered Camila to Utah. I'm sure they are really close freind, since they give what's most precious to them. I wish I could meet a friend like that during my journey...