Special Taste of Florina Beach

Not Started

Requires level 35 or greater
Requires quest Special Taste of Florina Beach III completed
Riel is trying to develop special dish of Florian Beach.

In Progress

Requires Lupin's BananaLupin's Banana x10
Requires CoconutCoconut x10
Requires Lorang ClawLorang Claw x10
Requires Clang ClawClang Claw x10
I need to collect some of the recipes to develop the Special Taste of Florina Beach. I heard that 10 Coconut, 10 Lorang Claw, 10 Clang Claw, and 10 Lupin's Banana are necessary. Will Valen's new recipe succeed~?
Rewards 3000 experience
Rewards 3000 mesos


I'm familiar with working on Florina Beach. I visited Riel one more time and helped her out. Why is she so desperate to help Valen?