Special Taste of Florina Beach II

Not Started

Requires level 35 or greater
Requires quest Special Taste of Florina Beach completed
Riel in Florina Beach askes me a question about Florina Beach. Piece of cake~ I can answer that before I start my work.

In Progress

Requires Lupin's BananaLupin's Banana x15
Requires CoconutCoconut x15
Requires Lorang ClawLorang Claw x150
I have to prepare the recipe for 15 people, and bring it to Riel in Florina Beach.

Coconut XX/15
Lorang Claw XX/150
Lupin's Banana XX/15
Rewards 3000 experience
Rewards 7500 mesos


I answered all the questions that Riel gave me. I passed Riel's tests and she took the recipe for 15 people.