Shumi's Lost Bundle of Money

Not Started

Requires level 30 or greater
Requires quest Shumi's Lost Coin completed
Let's go look for Shumi in Kerning City.

In Progress

Requires Shumi's Roll of CashShumi's Roll of Cash x1
I ran into Shumi again at Kerning City. She seemed really worried about how she lost her rent money because a Stirge flew over and snatched a bundle of money away from her. Man ... do I have to walk back in there again ... can I just pay the rent for her? Anyway like last time, I need to go back in there, this time to construction site B2 and find the bundle of money she lost. Aye, better go in there now...
Rewards 4700 experience
Rewards 1 fame
Rewards Mana ElixirMana Elixir x100


I got Shumi from Kerning City the lost bundle of money. I guess she can pay her rent now...and as a reward, she got me 100 Mana Elixir's...she also said I may find other items at the construction site B2...I should go check it out sometime...