John's Present

Not Started

Requires level 30 or greater
Requires quest John's Pink Flower Basket completed
Let's go see John at Lith Harbor again.

In Progress

Requires Blue ViolaBlue Viola x20
I ran into John the fisherman again at Lith Harbor. This time, he wanted to get his wife Blue Viola for her birthday. He asked me to get 20 Blue Violas for him. The scent of Blue Violas last over 500 years...and according to John, they can be found through the mysterious statue again, where the flower may be found. Man ... do I HAVE to go in there again??
Rewards 5000 experience
Rewards Work GlovesWork Gloves if you are a beginner
Rewards Dark BriggonDark Briggon if you are a warrior
Rewards Dark NoelDark Noel if you are a mage
Rewards Gold ScalerGold Scaler if you are a archer
Rewards Gold ArbionGold Arbion if you are a thief


I got John all 20 Blue Violas. It has a nice scent to it, but 20 of them? Makes my head spin...As a sign of appreciation, John got me a nice glove he found inside a ship. I mean, it looks like someone accidentally left that glove in he allowed to give it to me like that? What if I wear this around town and run into the actual owner of it??